PLEASE HELP US! I created an FB account for my 87-year old mother to enable her to communicate with her 97-year old brother through the Portal.

She has dementia, so I must maintain her account. It wasn't open 24-hours before it was disabled. This suddenly occurred after I deleted a STRANGE MAN WHO WAS TRYING TO BEFRIEND HER. It was said that a community standard was violated--.

WHAT??! There are only 25-days left for her account to be in, "Review," before her account is permanently deleted. I've been losing my mind trying to find different ways to get technical support from Facebook. What to do??

Frankly, I'm livid that FB isn't more user friendly--if you're older!

It's easy to navigate--only if you know how.

PLEASE, HELP US. We need a timely answer.

Thank you.


Location: Brooklyn, New York

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