I don't know where to start really :( I'm xtremely disappointed and I seriously need help with this. So I'm not giving my name until I get a response from a real manager or a legal representative.

SCAMMERS here in South Africa has taken 2 business 1 mine and 2 another guy I been chatting to. I know who these bastards are because they are harrasing me till today still. I can't track them and they not coming after me as I've sent them my address cause I want to *** them up but clearly they only make a noise by talk as they have small *** I don't know but they are cowards.. So what they do is scam you for something then they advertise you on your business pages and profile but with fake profiles then they call you forced you to Pay you large sum of money and if you don't pay they blackmail you and market you like a *** on gumtree

They even opened a scam page of me wrote a discription acting as a lady I apparently scammed which I did not, gone racist on my gf who isn't even involved, and all this about me and business that I built from not and now it's nothing thanks to these *** I lost 80 of my clients I would make around 40 000zar+ a month and after this *** I making 5000zar and its caused depression to me and my GF. Lost friends and the worst thing is FACEBOOK SAYS THERE IS NO ISSUE FOUND IN WHAT THEY ARE DOING... WTF you systems is useless man what they are doing Facebook says no they not and I'm fed up and if Facebook doesn't help me and doesn't sort this *** out for me I'm going legal route as this I don't deserve it at all

Thanks Facebook disappointed

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng

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