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This is my 3rd time sending a review I was disabled by a misunderstanding and mistake Ive had warnings before but not many Ive never been comment banned or going live which is steps taking be for being permanently disabled this page has been mine since Instagram started and had many memories and pictures of me loved ones and loved ones and friends who have died I left a comment on a video of a sex ed teacher who makes videos on sex and tips she was being interviewed and told us how the woman is not fully ready for sex for 15 to 40 minutes so the guy made a JOKE saying I dont think I never had done *** so I made a comment saying LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL I dont think Ive ever had done *** Im pretty sure Instagram flagged it because they think I was callin someone or something a bad word and it was not that this was a mistake on behalf of Instagram if that word is something that can be said why is the video aloud with over thousands of views and other comments laughing and joking saying the same thing Ive said if you check i havent had a warning in a while Ive had a few and MADE SURE I watched what I said and posted so this WOULDN'T HAPPEN but it had by mistake can you please get back to me and look into this Ive sent 3 reviews and sent the picture with me holding my identification and number sent to prove its me and this is my account

Preferred solution: My PAGE BACK .

Location: Orlando, Florida

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