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Good morning. My page has been hacked for a week now though ive notified you of the breach, and of the person whom breached my account and you still have his, and my accounts active. Ive literally lost "Thousands" of dollars, and hundreds of clients who purchase my music because you continue to allow, Erby Abrams, to have a facebook account after this clear violation of facebook, as well as FCC rules and regulations. Erby Abrams, has attatched his Samsung Note 2, IP adress: 71. 194. 10. 98, onto "MY" (SAMSUNG GALAXY, NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G) through the "Messenger" app by sending me an icon that i clicked on. That icon happens to be the same icon that he is using right now as we speak to "SCAM" my friends and clients into filing for some government HHS grant by somehow attatching both, my regular facebook profile photo, as well as my monetized Business pages photo onto an icon showing someones hands counting money like some kind of idiot. With a voice telling people that they should try it. "IN MY NAME"!!!! And youre allowing it though i have sent you my Drivers License 22 times proving my identity!!!! Now for the last time, please, delete every page in the name of , Brandon Taylor "PERMANENTLY" except the one that i created yesterday. The page recovery code: WmX7UZNjSO, that you sent me to regain control of my page does not work!!! This is Chicago, a person can get "KILLED" trying to trick a MU'FUCKA into dat scamming *** man!!! Yall betta fix this *** "RIGHT NOW"!!!! Or i'm going to the F.B.I., The Dept. Of Treasury, the FCC, the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, THE IRS, and my ATTORNEY to "SUE" DA DOG *** OUT YOU with this screenshotted complaint to you, for "Lawsuit" purposes against facebook if you continue to allow this to happen one more day!!! PEEIIOODD!!! And, you also have my email adress incorrect on the log in portal. My email adress does not have a " j " in it at all. "MY" email adress is : nbg350@***.com. "ONLY"!!! I have no other email adress. My phone, is a "SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 ULTRA 5G". THIS IS THE "ONLY" PHONE THAT SHOULD BE CONNECTED TO "ANY" ACCOUNT IN MY NAME!!! NOT A FUCKIN, NOTE 2 with IP adress: 71. 194. 10. 98

"ERBY ABRAMS", has been reported to you as the "SCAMMER" who has hacked my page and is currently soliciting "GOVERMNENT SCAMS" on "FACEBOOK", and yet , you still allow him to have an account with facebook?! That is called, "FACILITATING" the crime, as well as "LEGAL NEGLIGENCE" for being the owners of the instrument being used to facilitate the crime of "GOVERNMENT FRAUD"!!!! I.E., facebook sir/maam!!!! So please rectify this matter today!!! Because tomorrow, all of the above government entities will be called upon to take up investigations in this matter against both, "Erby Abrams" and "Facebook"!!! For all i know, yall could be working in conjunction. Yall wont "BAN" his *** from facebook as he should be!!!so something is going on. Please rectify this matter ASAP?!!! Or the above entities will definantly be trying to find out exactly what very soon gat damnitt!!! PEEIIOODD!!!

And email me when it is done please. (nbg350@***.com) "ONLY"!!!


Mr. Brandon Taylor




Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Pros: Just delete.

Facebook Cons: I got hacked.

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