Hello. I have tried numerous avenues to resolve this issue, with no result as yet.

I am hoping you can assist in the following matter.

12 days ago, I received a notice on my phone, reporting unusual behaviour on my page - Robert James Kirk, and to change my password. I followed this instruction. When I returned to my page, I was asked to enter a 6 digit code that was sent to my email address robkirk@***.com.au. No code arrived at that email then, or anytime on the numerous occasions I have tried.

Sunday 27th June, I was informed by my bank of a transaction attributed to Facebook marketing.

I reported that I did not make this transaction, or authorise it. The card has been cancelled, and action to reverse this is in place.

I sent further messages using friends identities, as I was having no luck with my own, but have received no response.

Sunday 4th July, I received an email stating my password had been changed, noting an IP address I am not familiar with.

(it certainly isn't mine)

This morning I went the procedure with a friend on his computer, and using his email. No code arrived there, but I was able to change the password.

I have several pages connected to my main personal page which I am told are still working.

I am hoping for a speedy resolution in this matter.

Thank you

Robert Kirk

Location: Clovelly, New South Wales

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