My facebook was instantly deactivated without warning when I shared a meme that didn't even contain any violence or nudity to a friend in a conversation, As soon as I hit the send button my Facebook was gone. This happend I believe Aug.

3rd 2020. I've never been in Facebook jail since I started facebook back in 2009 I never even got a warning. I've never violated any Facebook standard prior. I must have made a mistake with the meme and will not make that mistake again.

Can we possibly reinstate my Facebook account. I have so much personal information stored such as photos and conversations with loved ones that have passed away including my Grandparents that meant so much to me. Photos and information of my childrens births and growing up.

If it isn't possible to reinstate my facebook can I please have my data back. I have requested several times over the past 6 months sending in my photo ID to prove who I am and keep getting a message stating there are too few people to review at this time due to covid_19 Please consider my request.

Thank You,


Location: Woonsocket, Rhode Island

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