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My personal facebook account was disabled..

I'm begging all of you I'm depressed the way you guys couldn't respond me .. please help me out...

Please respond to this.. My life's 1 part was that account... Please try to understand my situation.. I'm submitted my original IDs, It's not fake account..

Since 2013 my all memories, friends,posts pictures had on it.. Please didn't erase it.. I think someone hacked my personal facebook account and doing some inappropriate things ... Please help me

Please respond to me respected authority, forgive me for this issue...

Maybe something went wrong , I strongly believe that someone hacked my personal facebook account and break the guidelines ... On behalf of this incident I apologise straight away.... Please respond to this....

I had waited more than 40 days for my disabled facebook account, I'm hoping for your positive response.. It's been a long long time for me to wait and wait...

My completely broken inside,I do everything but couldn't make it, Lots of time wasted on the basis of this disabled account... My reading time, including sleeping time also wasted just because of my personal facebook account.. Its meant life to me...

Please please please dear facebook team, at least once recover my disabled facebook account .. I'm ready to do everything possible you guys want from me...

Id- 881284****

D.O.B- 16/07/1996

User's recommendation: They have responded so well.

Preferred solution: My personal facebook account was disabled.

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