You seem intent on tormenting as my hacker has done every month for one year. I have reinstalled my computer software 12 times with losses in the thousands of dollars. Please feel free to call me at your convenience. But I would love to catch this *** and send him to prison if possible. At the very least should you my things on display I would love to reclaim them and close the account. I'm sorry but I could never get into the Facebook thing as I closed my account many years ago.

I checked google but food nothing from Facebook. Google may be holding it back. mrldmontgomery@***.com should have been closed last week at my request.


Larry "Monty" Montgomery


previous two phone numbers



The 2354 number is the only current one.

Current zip 78258

Previous 78230

Call me please I made several attempts at Facebook with no success!!!

Location: Dallas, Texas

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