My picture has been posted on Khamdone Vues profile and this is causing major problems with my family and my Husband . I did not authorize this person to use my picture and I want it off of his page and I want his page disabled and he keeps opening up new pages and requesting me to be a friend every time I block him he opens up another new page and now he has my picture on his background and I and my Husband have had a fight over this .Facebooks review states it is not inappropriate and its not considered bullying nor is it offensive according to their community standards ,well its offensive to me and.

My family and I want this matter handeled.I dont understand how this is not offensive when its my picture on a guys background profile who I didnt give permission to. Him to use my picture.I can block him but that does not cure the problem it just keeps me from seeing him it does not change anything about how my Husband and my family see it

User's recommendation: Don’t put to much on Facebook helping.

Location: Mankato, Minnesota

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