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I was scammed by someone with a fake profile I believe on the Facebook dating app. Pretended to want to meet and wanted me to get a Steam wallet PC game card.

Which would be for her "aunt's kids" to play on their game system while we hung out. They told me to forget it and then I was sent a message with a 7 digit code. I then received a text from "Laura" asking if I received a code number and wanted it. I sent it and being too dam gullible believed I met someone who wanted to meet.

I asked what it was for and they said to access my Facebook account so they could use it for connecting to their game console. I know nothing about this and believed as it sounded legit to me. Then they asked if I had cash app or pay pal. That's when I became suspicious that this was a scam.

I said no I don't have that. Guess you didn't want to meet after all. They said fine go home then. I tried to get on my Facebook profile.

My first name, email and password had been changed. I texted their number and said they hacked my Facebook account and I was reporting them. They then told me to go get a $200 visa card and they'd give my Facebook back. No way in *** would I do that.

I tried to get a hold of a Facebook representative. I did, or so I thought I did. This cost me $1 just for an automated response from a computer. Gave me a link to just answer.

I did talk to a real person but only to be told to connect to the link and they'd help me. I believe these people are scammers as well. The one "guy" I talked to only had 293 satisfied Custer's out of the 7 billion people in this world. And then was redirected to a different "person" and they wanted $10 this time.

Tried to get a hold of a Facebook rep, called their number and they do not take calls period. Had to leave along typed message, like this one, only left with the worry of someone has access toy account and I do not anymore. Do they all my other important info like my bank account? I don't know!

I can't believe that a global organization like Facebook would allow something like this to happen. I never posted anything bad or inappropriate. All my friends and family are on there and I don't know what they're doing on my profile and girls I would like to meet. I am single so I thought I'd use the dating portion of Facebook.

Bad choice. I am single and would like to be in a relationship. This is what happens when you trust people.

Mad at myself, Facebook and justanswere. Aren't there any good honest people out there anymore!!!

User's recommendation: Check your facts and don't ever fall for a story someone gives you before you act. Always have your guard up...There are more people out there that are ple out there that are more than happy to take advantage of someones vulnerability. Take time and get to know some before you decide to do something impulsively like I did. It sucks.

Preferred solution: possession and only mine so only I can log into it. And I would like to see the person responsible for this held accountable found out so they do not do this to another person. And no. I am not sure if I lost any money yet..

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