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All of a sudden I can't react, share, comment or anything. I have zero violations and don't have a clue why I'm restricted.

Tried to call FB and they no longer take calls from customers. Figures. I only wanted answers really, but whatever. Maybe it's because I was sharing a lot of stuff.

Still really bothersome that I can't use my profile just because of a robot saying so. I've done nothing wrong, and I really want answers. I'm a real human being and would prefer talking to one to resolve issues..

not go through some bs system that I can't watch deliberate or idk, defend/explain myself if I did do something wrong since I've noticed that any of my sarcastic friends get nailed for a comment taken out of context. I am going to get a petition for people to sign to do a group lawsuit if FB can't treat their users properly.

User's recommendation: For Facebook? I'm at a 0 these days. For this site "pissedconsumer", 10.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Preferred solution: My ability to use their site again. I live states away from family and using this dumb site is all I can do to keep in touch easily. .

Facebook Pros: Easy to keep in touch.

Facebook Cons: Unexpected disabling.

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