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Hello face book team

I am Baraa Khrebeh and writing to you on behalf of my wife.

Someone his name Aboud Alahmad has hacked my account and took a copy of all my activities on Facebook including very sensitive information and pictures. He started trying to *** my account in October 2016.

It seems he succeeded in that on 18.07.2020, then he ordered for a full copy of my account information and downloaded it then he sent me a message to my another account ( Hiba Kh ) telling me the new email address and password for my old account (Lavender rose) which he hacked. I was shocked and extremely scared that he got very sensitive photos and conversations especially between me and my Husband. I've noticed that he lives in Sweden as I checked my login activities and it seems he was working on that from Sweden. Of course, you can check for that as I give you all permissions.

Again, it is very serious to me specially if he started to publish those photos and personal conversations. IT IS LIFE THREATENING as I still live in Syria, please do something as soon as possible.

Location: Hull, England

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