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Haylie Smith from Eugene Oregon on Oxford CT made a profile of me pretending to be me Rosa L Hudgen and tex to my son Jordan Thatcher saying rude and voguer statements and untrue things and tex from Jordan's account and posted lies pretending to be Jordan to FB this went out to all friends and FAMILY Haylie Smith also had Jordan Thatcher show this at a court that the judge believed and dismissed the case I need to track down where the tex were sent from IP ADDRESS TO PROVE I did not send the tex I can not click on Smith profile it may have been deleted? How can I prove I did not send the tex to Jordan Thatcher? Smith also made a profile of my daughter in law Breanne Stanley and sent tex to Jordan Thatcher and showed them at court things that were all untrue Rosa lee Hudgen 541 226 **** PLEASE help any way you can

Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

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