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I am Aaron Rock, I want this account deleted, it has been hacked by my ex Lisa Kathleen Gibson who is pictured below with the black hair. Lisa changed all my passwords and phone numbers to my Facebook account and to my email account as well.

I cannot recover this account AT ALL. I have tried to contact Facebook with no help. Not only that, but I have tried I have been hacked on Facebook account and went through all the steps with no help because I cannot access my email account or my phone numbers because Lisa Gibson Change EVERYTHING TO HER EMAILS AND PHONE NUMBERS.

I Really Need help with this because Lisa Gibson has already posted to my Facebook account pretending to be me, saying awful things and spreading lies. Luckily Facebook finally took that God Awful post down from my account, Now I need it Delete PERMANENTLY Please I am Begging for Help.

User's recommendation: Have backups to your backups to your backups. On ALL accounts.

Facebook Pros: You get to talk to family, Keep you in touch with distance family, Holding my pictures.

Facebook Cons: No tech support, Identity stolen, Never help you get bck your account.

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