No Still not resolved, and no answers from Facebook either. Issue is with Facebook ads Facebook took regular mobthy payment in the 1st of April of 117.00 then got locked out and am still locked out of Facebook tried to take 1500 plus another transaction free of 1.00 I suspect someone possibly hacked the account.

Systwm says i owe 1600 plus. I have requested information regarding this and if Facebook does feel I owe them 1600 plus then what is generating that $ amount. And I would need a way to pay it. I get errors trying to push through on the system.

So do I actually owe Facebook 1600 and if so why didn't they take that amount oppose to 1500.00 what is generating that $ amount. And when will the account be cleared so I can continue to run ads

User's recommendation: Before doing business with Facebook, I would high suggest being able to actually speak with someone in the company.

Location: Spokane, Washington

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