Facebook and Instagram has failed to contact me they have failed to contact me via BBB and email Facebook states that my drivers license does not match my Facebook Ive sent all types of paperwork to Facebook and I have gotten no response its been over a month and I still dont have access to my account all of my memories! :( all of my family and friends are still being harassed by this hacker! This hacker who has hijacked my Facebook has sent me a message via messenger from a Facebook that I have created that has a different name on it, because I cant have my very own name because it will be reported, anyWho this hijacker basically told me that Id have to give them $300 in order to get my social media accounts back this is insane and I cant believe this is actually happening this is very hostile and someone has to do something about this ASAP before this hijacker hijacks someone else especially those that I care about so if anybody would like to do their due diligence and forward this comment this review to whomever you can think of please do I am begging you I need my social media accounts back.

User's recommendation: KEEP PRIVATE.

Location: Spring Hill, Florida

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