Good afternoon.

I am emailing in regards to my fb account.

I currently live in Gold Coast,Queensland Australia and for the second time my account has been disabled and I have no idea why.

This is my second fb page that has been disabled the first page I had for nearly 12 years was shutdown due to me apparently sharing unacceptable content which I have no idea what that was and attempted many times to try and recover it but would not work.

With so much frustration I decided to make another page and now all of a sudden that has been disabled and now wants me to upload photo ID to verify my identity.

Please I need help ASAP

This is totally wrong and so frustrating

Can I please have someone call me or ring me in regards to fixing this problem ASAP

My name is

Dominique Horne



I share a account with my husband

Our first fb page name was ManiherandDom McLeod

And the most recent was DomnFrank McLeod

Please can someone contact me or email me ASAP!

Thank you


Preferred solution: Need my Facebook up and running.

Facebook Pros: Socializing, Was able to connect with friends and family.

Facebook Cons: Technology issues, Getting hacked by other people.

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