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Inadvertently someone of Spanish descent has gotten my phone number and Facebook information and every time someone is supposed to send me an email to change my password or whatever I don't get it number one number two I keep getting a lot of information about people I should know and people are sending me messages that they want to be friends and I don't speak Spanish and it's not it's not me they're sending it to someone else and I don't know how our information got switched up but it's a pain in the butt I'm telling you I'm 70 years old and I'm blind and I don't know I live by myself so I don't have a whole lot of people helping me out but every time I turn around and something else with you guys all right if you can help me fix it I'd appreciate it send me an email how to get this stuff fixed at Duggar Joseph 21 at thank you so much have a good day

User's recommendation: Get and be able to be in contact with a live representative from Facebook.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

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