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No one answered told me to do it on line and I have been for the last 24 hours got hacked and you all won't help or anything to keep my account with everything on it! All my kids photos number friends and family and your letting the person who hacked it take all the way over on my Facebook because I tried doing all the thing it suggested and to do and now I can't get on messenger or my Facebook at all because they rest everything all my accounts was taken off and my phone number to get in so now I am screwed and you all won't answer your dang phone!

So now I am really ticked off and y'all aren't doing anything! I have tried sending several emails saying I was been hacked and y'all didn't do a thing and won't answer!!

Preferred solution: I want to get my account back! .

Facebook Pros: Share information.

Facebook Cons: No customer service help us.

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