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Over a year ago I was on Facebook with my original account and I was talking to somebody about a job or whatever which turned out to be like a Phishing scam and they collected my information and then proceeded to lock me out of my account where they had another email attached to it and I couldnt get any notifications for a password reset or anything like that OK so I lost all my pictures all the stuff account is still active but I cant get into it because I cant get notifications to my email address which happens to be the same as the original email address that I signed up with I have called in contact with Facebook on several occasions trying to get some help with no type of response back no nothing unless OK my account is obviously stolen I dont know if hes being used for anything anything like that but Im severely angry about this because like I said have a lot of irreplaceable pictures and things like that in oh I just wanna get my account back in I can provide whatever verification is neededinformation you need in order to get that but But I need you guys to be responsive to help me please I have not got any car back to me then customer service has been very poor up until this point

User's recommendation: Yeah be careful you give me information to on Facebook.

Location: Mount Vernon, Illinois

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