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Some guy took over my entire Facebook page and changed the emails, He used my ID as well. I cant get back onto my old page at all Thats been the worst part its sad because all my pictures were on there hes trying to scam tons of people that he fo someone hacked into my Facebook and took my identity I cannot get back in everybody that this guy has reached out to in my contacts and Facebook has been trying to scam them and its been going on for at least a month so Im hoping that something can be resolved because I need a Facebook for my career and I cant do anything about it Ive tried every route Ive asked everyone to report it because I get 10 calls a day asking are you trying to scam me like its just ridiculous so if somebody could contact me that would be great because apparently your phone number doesnt work to contact you either like is there anything I can do thanks

Preferred solution: I want my old page back of at least Get it taken down.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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