I have $500+ pending for items I shipped out more than a week ago and Im not getting paid for it. This is my THIRD time emailing about this one specific problem and none of my replies have helped at all.

I was NOT born in 1995, my identity will NOT confirm because of that. In my settings its correct, born in 2003, so Im not sure why it even says I was born in 1995 but that is not true. I just would like my money please these are personal items that Ive sold trying to come up with some money and now you guys are holding it when nothing is even my fault. PLEASE can someone actually help.

not a bot replying to my email completely disregarding my problems. Im also wanting to sell more items but cant even do so because I need to confirm an identity that isnt even correct.

again, I can NOT confirm my identity because it says Im born in 1995 instead of 2003 like my settings has it. This is the most frustrating thing, can someone actually help me usefully

Location: Buford, Georgia

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