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Ive been trying to contact someone about an account Ive been working with someone trying to help them with marketing for their Instagram which has to be linked to their Facebook in order to promote their post seeing that they stay in another country Im having a hard time with logging in and promoting it for them because they dont know exactly Whats going on so they think its fraudulent activity happening. The person Im helping is older.

Im trying to talk to someone who explain the situation and I cant get anyone to speak with me. I have also tried writing the help center on Instagram however every time I try to send a message it is saying that theres an error on there and theyre having technical difficulties I just wish they would make things a little easier with helping others

Preferred solution: I would like for someone to speak to me so we can resolve the issue that I am having..

Location: 1 Spartanburg Road, Lyman, SC 29365

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