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When you call the customer service phone number you are directed to push 1 for FB and then it is a recording telling you that FB doesnt offer customer service by phone at this time and to go back to use the help on any page to find solutions to issues

Problem is I did that first and couldnt do what I wanted which wax report someone that used my messenger to ultimately con money and manipulated to a point that she made up ppl that have cancer to invoke false bond

And ultimately conned me into giving her stuff swindle she realized she couldnt get money from me and when I said im literally so mad that I did so many nice things abs you havent replied to my messages in two days so I can get the items. To trade you and on top of that you basically tell me you arent gonna to a thing to support my business unless you can sell it yourself abs the use my mission statement and proceed to use it as away to manipulate me into giving her stuff at the same time not doing a thing to support abs my business and down right making up stories about ppl bc they create empathy to manipulate me more.

User's recommendation: Don’t waste calling fb bc you just get a recording that says they don’t offer customer service by phone.

Preferred solution: An account reported but not have to unblock them fir 48 hours to do so.

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