Res. Sir, I am regular user to the facebook.

Yesterday Suddenly my fb account is disabled by the fb team, my language problem I am not understand to the your msg, but my correct information was send to the fb team. Res. Sir my fb account is link to the some other business, e commerce, and other site.nit able made to new fb account. Res.

sir, so kindly I am requesting you pls do to my disabled fb account enabled. Pls sir enabled to the my facebook account, some close, best frnds, important documents,link add to the this account so very need to this account, and I am not collected him.

So pls sir my fb account is enabled &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; open to the my fb account.fraud is no in my blood, then how can ido it. Pls open to the my fb account I am very needed to his account.

Thanking you sir..

Facebook ID - somesh gupta


Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Account.

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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