For the last 23 months I had hooked up with a bitcoin server agent on Facebook and messenger they have stolen my pages I have four of them theyre advertising to my family and friends I have been scammed by though I have lost $6000 from them and I have been trying to get it back trying to reach someone who can help me get my pages back so I can tell my family and friends is a scam

I even change my telephone number

The installer my pictures and tried to make other pages they stole my telephone number and made other pages all because of bitcoin starting in June of last year I have been struggling all this year to pay my rent pay my bills this is really been the biggest mistake I just want to invest in bitcoin and it didnt work out please give me your help

User's recommendation: Never never never try to buy sell or receive bitcoin from anyone on Facebook Everyone of these pictures that I have sent have been someone one another try to scare me keep asking me to send a bitcoin to try to help me get my money back from global trade I have money stuck in the trade I have my stuck in bitcoin it has been stolen from me and I need help.

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