First off it wasn't a complaint I don't even know how I got hooked up with something called complaints I was just trying to find out about doing a live stream play and selling tickets for it and streaming it live on the date that I was having it and that people will buy the tickets online in advance get a cold or whatever access for that day when the play is going for I just want to know how to do it how to set it up and and all of that it wasn't a complaint about anything I wanted knowledge I tried calling you guys my complaint is can't nobody contact you I tried calling your message says that you can't be contacted so how the heck is anybody supposed to find out how to do anything or set up things if you can't talk to somebody everything you read or see video wise they don't tell you every single thing this is new to me and I don't know all the terminology that's my complaint I just want somebody to actually talk to and I'm still ending up texting a response to you concerning this can you get somebody to talk to me about how to set this all up I want you live stream a play and sell tickets for it so that people around the world through Facebook can watch it and pay for a ticket to watch it

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

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