I am unable to receive the 6 digit Facebook to recover my password. My wife is also listed as a person that can help recover my password.

Every time we try to have a code sent to us, nothing happens.

My email address is esands.in@***.com . It is being used by another account. That is not me. I tried to recover my account using my email address & it always goes to this person's account.

My Facebook user account name is Eric Wayne,

My cell phone number is listed below, 260715**** has always been my log in.

My photo on my account is me wearing an all white Mandarlorian Helmet from Start Wars. My wife's cell phone number is 260715**** ...

I am begging for your help to help me get the 6 digit security code sent to me or my wife so I can get back on Facebook.

I really need help !!!

Thanks for your consideration.

Location: Foley, Alabama

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