To whom it may concerns,

I urgently need you to contact me and unblock my personal account.

Apparently, it has been disabled following the violation of your community standards;

But in reality, someone hacked my personal profile and published something.

I tried to contact you since then without any success; this is illegal and I'm very worried concerning my personal contacts and profile. Moreover, connected to my personal profile I have a business page: GLAM Yachting, that following the hackerage I'm not anymore administrator in there either.

This is a matter of urgency, because my personal profile pictures, videos and so on are in Idon't know who's hands plus my business account and the one on Instagram too has been totally blocked. I have all the screenshot and sent several emails to security@***.com too.

I need you to intervene and tell me what to do.

I managed only to reinstore a new password, but an ID card has been asked and after what happened I refuse to give copy of my ID cards in this way as is very easy to clone them and reuse them for bad purposes.

Could you please answer me, check on my account and let me know what has been happening on it since the 10th December on both Facebook and Instagram?

I need to restore it asap.

Thank you.

Chiara Moschella

+33 6******** (old Italian number: +393394****27)

Location: Vieilley, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

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