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I keep being jailed for saying, ***

I even repeated a meme that was sent to me on my page and said, kick your *** is right!


Now I said, take care of yourself babe, glad you have someone there to keep you moving & kicking your ***

Jailed again but for 3 days.

This is ABSURD. Whos reading this & making decisions on dialogue between friends? Gotta love the censorship that is so incredibly outrageous and biased. Shame on you for deciding that me saying the word *** is offensive I wont be using Facebook from herein out. Been a user for over 10 years & I get jailed 3 times in 1 week? Never had issues before. Whos in chargePutin?

User's recommendation: Do not bother using this site. Loyal costumers have been taken over by aliens.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Sacramento, California

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