On the 17 of Nov. My pastor sent me a link to get on Zoom.I use that link to get on my tablet which change my email.I received an alert from face letting me know that my email had been changed.I clicked on the link the wrong link apparently.If automatically blocked me.Ive sent several messages to you all trying to get back on.They sent me codes to my phone.I put them in some how another it link me to some guy named Ross Nolan.He has my email which is attached to his password.It is a mess.Ive been on facebook at least 15years.Never had anything like this to ever happen to me.Another thing that number you say you gonna send the code to I don't remember that number it's been so long ago.please help me get back on another way.Ask me questions to prove to you who I say I am.I don't won't another page.I just lost a sister Sept the 9th.I need this page back all my memories of her are there.Thank you and May God bless.Im stuck.

Location: Flemingsburg, Kentucky

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