look i changed my name as a joke to Michael Bolton knowing no one would think it was him. but im starting a business and i dont want my political beliefs to stop me from landing a job.

changed name and pic as a joke to gain some anonymity. i now know i cant do that with a public person. but it started with a joke from the movie office space.. Michael Bolton.

i went to put the guy from movie in and thought it would be funny with a pic of the singer. i realized too late it was wrong. i would've changed those things to something different but my account of over 10 years got banned. i waited two days and tried to do the request form but it keeps asking me to enter my number to receive an SMS but i never review the text so im locked out and cant contact anyone.

this is massively frustrating i would've changed it no problem. it was a joke i have 300 friends who know im not Michael Bolton but i would've changed it anyway now i cant log in.

HELP for a company that makes millions annually. it sure its next to impossible to contact anyone

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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