I hope youre having a great day. My Facebook account (Rachel.farinelli@***.com) has been disabled.

The email address for my Facebook account is over 20 years old and I no longer have the login information for it. Im not sure why Facebook disabled my account. I have a personal account as well as my 2 business linked to that account and use it daily for my jobs. Please help!

If I received emails about why its been disabled, I wouldnt have gotten them because my Facebook email (rachel.farinelli@***.com) is no longer in use. Ive gotten one and only one message on Facebook warning me about trademark infringement for a product I was selling. As soon as I received that warning, I deleted the items that were in question. Please please help!!!

This account is so important for my jobs and to my knowledge I havent broken any of the Facebook rules. And if I have, is there a way to get my personal and business pages back? If I am banned from Marketplace, I understand. I just cant afford loosing my job over this.

I have already submitted the form from the Facebook Help center, but Im worried I wont get a response since I cant access my Facebook email address.

Please send all questions regarding this to me at this email address.

I will do anything to get this account again, and I promise to follow all Facebook rules!! Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

Rachel Farinelli

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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