My name is Ana M Arellano Montes, and I need your help with all my fb accounts deletion, someone else got in my account online and put a lot of pictures on it, people I dont know and I already asked fb to delete my accounts, because I lost my access to them and also to my email address account connected with the accounts, now is one account connected to my cell phone number but I cant get sign in, I have WhatsApp account instead and I also need help to delete my Instagram account I dont use for the same reason.

The names I used on my accounts is Ana M Arellano, Using my ex husband last name, I have Ana M Kelly because of my recent husband last name, My mistake was that I was using my marriage license to try to change my last name, but my daughter just told me to get my marriage certificate to change it and I thought it was the same thing. Im sorry for my ignorance, Im working on it.

I just need your help because I tried to delete my accounts but I dont know what is happening, only God knows.

Thank you for your help.

Sincerely Ana M Arellano Montes.

User's recommendation: I just want to keep my WhatsApp account, and delete all fb and Instagram accounts thank you, if you also can delete my deceased son account for Tommy Madrigal Arellano Jr, I will appreciate, thank you for all your help.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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