I need some help asap my account user name is carreroandsons@***.com I tried to get into my account today and seen its locked and only way to unlock it is to verify through a very old phone number I need to update my phone number and receive help to get back into my acccont my name is Lauren dennehey and last night someone tried scamming me and stealing my information so I reported them ! And now Im locked out my email has always been the same carreroandons@***.com I have an iPhone6 that I always log in on and Im always in Medford nj the last log in that was unusual said ny can someone please contact me as soon as possible I cant even find my self on my fiancés page mike carrero is there a way to verify that its me through his account or I have the same email Im at a lost now I dont want to loss all my pictures since 2008 I have 4 kids I can tell you every detail of my account and I just dont have that old phone number ! Thank you

Preferred solution: I can verify through my email please update the unlocking issue to use my email carreroandsons@yahoo.com my name is Lauren dennehey I don’t want to loose all my kids pictures phone number that is on there to unlock my account is from 2008 .

Facebook Cons: Lost so much money through facebook.

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