My mobile phone died, it had to be sent away to be repaired. I was given a new temporary phone.

Since then Facebook can NOT give me access to my account, they want me to use my old device which was being repaired, they wanted me to ask my friends for a code, but they were not trusted, so Facebook stopped that, but continued to ask me to ask them for a code.

Then came the click on your comments section, that could have worked if the page wasn't continually down.

Then came to verify my email, so they sent a code to me they approved my email, but I need to verify my account ( the fact my email address is linked to that account is irrelevant).

Now I am locked out, they want a picture of my passport, after 8 pictures sent to them they still refuse to accept it's me.

I have now got my phone back and still I can't access my account, BUT I WAS ALLOWED TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD!!!!

User's recommendation: Get help.

Location: Solihull, England

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