I have been a user of FB near;y since it inseption. I previously lived in Milwaukee, WI and we had a joint account on FB, meaning my husband and I shared the account, Yes, Virginia, I am gay, and we were legally married.

We used FB until his death in 2010, thwn in 1012 my family wanted me nearer them and moved be from Milwaukee, back home to Nothern Virginia. They had found an apt near them and moved me down. We got everything moved in, hooked up and established. Everything was going fine.Then after about 6 or so years of living there and having an account in FB, I, started experiencing problems in the FB system/page.

I am and always have been and always will be an honest person, I call a spade a spade and a *** a *** Momma didn't raise no fool. I was taught to always be honest and tell the truth, that way I didn't have to try and remember who I told what. And if you can't handle an honest answer, don't ask a stupid question. Always be honest but you don't have to give 110% of the answer, just give them enough info as to answer their question.

And to think before I spoke, because once it is out of your mouth you can apologize until *** freezes but the damage is done. If it is warranted so be it. I initially was given a two hour time out by FB for a response I gave to someone, I had no idea who he was, but he found fault with a comment I made to a close friend. That friend knew and understood my wording.

But this other person openly and publicly took offense at me. I responded by asking him who he was, why was he on this page, and why he thought my comment to my friend was any of his business, I had no idea who he was, and with his nose in everyone else's business, nor did I care to learn. I was given a two hour time out. OK, fine.

Then if memory serves me, nearly a year later, I was given a 24 hour time out from FB because someone took offense at what I had said. OK no biggie, I could only read others comments for two days. So, I don't always respond to someone else's critisizism, unless they get really up in my face about it. I do know that people on FB have a tendency to act like Conan the Barbarian but in real life, the turn out to be a pile of milk toast.

Nearly three years ago, my family and I moved and moved in together. Fine, I have my own room, all my TV,computer etc is in my room. March 5th of this year, 2022, I got a message on FB all in Turkish, I don't speak Turkish, even though I had lived in Turkey for a year, in the 60's, I was no longer fluient in the language, but I recognized it as being Turkish. I checked further and determined that this person, who claimed to be a page adminisrator in Turkey, was giving me a warning that if I didn't stop, cease and desease, I would be banned.

I respondedby asking who this person was, who and how had I offended anyone and give me the information,send me the comments so that I see it for myself. I recieved to response but did see that my message had been read. I went for dinner with family and when I returned and turned on my computer, FB would not allow me in. I started checking my computer, thinking there may be some sort of problem, eledtrically that I may be able to fix.

I know that a lot of folks recemtly have been hacked and I initially thought that was the problem. But after testing and changing a few things I was able to get everything working as before, except my FB page, which had a screen showing that it had been reported that I was not the owner of thissite/page. The screen showed step by step how to verify that I really was who I said I was and FB would tern my page back on. While I am investigating this mess, I got a PM from a guy telling me that he and a mutual friend X were concerned because they hadn' seen any activity actually couldn't even see me or my page and thought the worst.

I have no idea who his guy is and ask him who he was and who our mutual friend was. He then said that they were concerned because they heard that my computer was down, that I must have had a virus. ? I just had the problem and had not been able to communicate with anyone on FB and hadn't determined what was wrong so how did 'they' know.

? I asked him to bring our friend and get him on the computer. He said OK hand on a minute, he's in anothr room. Then I started getting more messages and I said, hang on let me see if my camea and system will work, we can try to cha.

I got my camera on and working and ent him a request and he eccepted it, but when it came on the screen was realy dark, I could hardly see him/them. I asked him to turn on some lights or move so that I could see them better and he said that his camera was not working very well and it sometimes wouldn't get any brighter. We should go ahead to talk and get this fixed. I then told him to get our friend closer and have him to speak to me so tha I recognize him.

I moment later, another voice, I don't recognize and he said it was probably because the camera wasn't working well and that was probably the problem. I continue to try to determine who this second person, really is he who he is telling me he is, but with the terrible lighting it's impossible. After I little more conversation, this guys says he is really tired from his trip and is going to bed, you guys can get this figure out. And it looks as if he left.

Then the light gets brighter for a second and I see that this guy is wearing a hoodie (?) I don't understand these kids today, wearing a hoodie indoors, and covering their face so much. This guy then says I may as well turn my camera off since his isn't going to word, and can talk without the camera. OK, fine. We talk some more about what has happened, what I have done to try to fix things and he mentions again that he can probably fix this all, remotely, if I wanted him to try.

I have had other computer people do things remotely so I said OK how do we do it. And he then asks if I have a credit card, give him the credit card number. and I said what do you need that for and he said that in in order to access my account he would need the card number to proof that this really l is my acount. This is odd, I have never had to give anyone a credit card number to fix something remotely,but then it was usually a tech with that organization or dompany.

So I asked why he needed thecard number to verify it was indeed my FB account and give them an amount so they could verify it by going into my account number to prove it really was me. What, I was born in te morning but it wasn't this morning, this is some kind of scam so I told him to take a hike and disconnected. I messed around for a while but I myself was tired, it was late evening and I was calling it a night.So I shut my computer down and unplugged it just to make sure that no one got access to it during the night. I had a restless night, hard to turn the brain off,thinking about this whole mess.

After I got up, had some breakfast and turned the computer back on, it started runnning, it's normal things, after it was finished coming up, I checked B and everything seemed to we working fine but just to double check, I contacted microsoft via the internet and talked with a tech and he offered to check my computer, all I needed to do was give him permission to take control of my computer remotely and sit and watch while he checked this out in case he had a question. I of course say certainly, go right ahead. It is interesting and amazing that someone from far away, possibly even in another country can take control of something anything, in our home.But this is the world we live in today. This tech, checked my entire computer, and said that everything was fine, he actually did something that improved it.

He also sid that it as good that I didn't go along with this guy, he really could have caused some problems. Later in the morning, a friend called, the one that was supposedly with the computer hacker and he asked if someone had gotten in touch with me,claiming he was a friend and with me. And Ihen old my friend about last night's event and he told me that the same thing had happened to him earlier in the day, yesterday, his computer crashed and a guy then contacted him asking about this computer and what was wrong and said he could ix it, get it running like normal again, for X amount of money. Some people need to get a life and stop doing these ignorant stupid things to people that causes so much trouble.

In the process of my doing some research about FB I found a section on their actual, offical page tell people just how they can *** someone else's computer system on FB so they won't have to pay for things, they could order something and have it billed to the owner of the account. What's up with that nonsense. FB?

You're giving people instructions on how to *** someone else's computer? Way to go FB, not!

User's recommendation: One moe example that you can't believe nor trust everything on the internet.

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia

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