Hello! This is regarding my Instagram account.

I can no longer log into my instagram account @kaatchany and when I try I get a message that says "Thank you for providing your information, we will check and if we can verify it, you will be able to log into your account within about 24 hours." but it's been weeks and I can't log in.

It doesnt even let me fill out the form for the deactivated accounts because it asks me to confirm my identity by logging into my account, but I cannot log in if it has been disabled. Please help me, I never receive a response. For this issue is restricting my engagements, I hope to get assistance from you to have this investigated further.

I have tried all the methods possible, and talked to multiple agents but none of this has helped to escalate my case. I would like to know what is happening since I've never even had any information.

I just would love to have my account reactivated and once again become an active member on instagram as I didn't violate any of the ToS pledge.

My Instagram username is @kaatchany and the email associated its virtualloli16@***.com

Thank you so much

Location: Naples, Campania

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