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The young ladies is still listed on my Facebook and Google accounts mainly Facebook and messenger. And I have to sign in with all kinds of different codes and security measures and everything and it's becoming a major pain I can't even open my phone without using a lock go slow and pay attention to what you're doing

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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The reason this happened to me is because somebody referred a woman who was working for the Department of Health and Human services . She was a disbursement officer and asked me "stupid me".

For my Facebook password so she could use that as another valid form of identification. I messed up I got scammed and I got hacked. Her name was Marge Bradley she's from Boca Raton Florida she's got blonde short curly hair probably 63 glasses.

Since that time I've been contacted by three other of her cohorts. Really pay attention to what you're doing these scammers are good

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