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My name is shawn hatter I have been into tech has been invaded by someone who is very good at what they do I spend all day on the phone with accounts like sprint removing account add ions like Apple Watch is bought without my consent through my online account and services for those devices not authorized by me I set up firewalls passwords second party authentications that are like tissue paper for these people they are in everything I have and use them more than I do I cannot stop this ive asked for help from the district attorney Ive wrote letters Mr. Hickenlooper Ive Been to the police station to file a report and to see if my online objection to this crime has been noted they usually have no record or have the time to take care of it my credit has been destroyed not due to my inability to pay the bill I just can't connect with any application or speak to a human to rectify the problem and pay the bill hence why I'm leaving you this letter I do everything I'm supposed to and at the end of the day I get a form letter asking me if my problem is resolved in the word *** no!!!!!!! Call me if you get this and the text isn't altered or if you can help I'm cut off from my original page I've had since 2010 and there is so many accounts created in my name my number is 720-331-**** thank you for reading this I have no hope everything is gone that I once knew

Monetary Loss: $250000.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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