Hello, just so you know I am 76 yrs old and have been on facebook for many years. Your factcheckers have ruined my love for facebook.

I NEVER use profanity, post dirty pictures or anything of that sort. What I love about facebook is I have contact with the people I went to school with, contact with my family especially my grandchildren. It is actually the reason why I got facebook to begin with. But your factcheckers have so many restrictions on ME, accuse me of posting "lies" falso information and I simply don't understand.

I share things from famous people on my page and your factcheckers will post that it's false information, I go back to the famous person I shared it from and there's nothing on theirr page that says it's false. I feel so picked on. It's not fun getting old but most of you there are your office don't know that yet. What on earth do you think I can do by my posts?

I am not dangerous, though I see many dangerous posts all over the place with no feedback from you factcheckers. You have singled me out far more than anyone else. WHY?? What do you think a 76 yr old woman can do to anyone at all?

Please, please, please let me enjoy my life and please stop picking on me...it's so over the top. Even personal photos of my grandchildren, other family members, friends have been factchecked at times. REALLY??? If you met me in person you would wonder the same as I do, why are you picking on a 76 yr old woman?

Then at the bottom you have "I have read and agree wo the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. Again Really...Pissed is a word I have never used in my life!

Why do I need a password just because I am submitting a complaint that is 100% legitimate. Whomever reads this I want you to think about how you might feel if factcheckers were harrassing your Grandma or Mom, I doubt you would like that.

Location: Stockton, California

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