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Yes good afternoon trying to get ahold of someone for some reason my accounts locked? I have no idea why or what I've done or said?

I have not posted or put on anything derogative on would like communication either communication either through my email which is my name Randy sewick@***.com or a phone call (515) 341-**** as soon as possible!!Again have no have no idea what I have done???? I've never done anything in the last couple days that should have locked up my account?! I made a comment made a comment but a month ago and was apologetic for it.

It was the only time ever in the YEARS that I have had Facebook being warned! I've not done anything I've been on Facebook for years so I'd like some answers as soon as possible I'm missing out on some things would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU for your time!!


Location: Estherville, Iowa

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