Someone at an e-mail address at hotmail (starting with an r and ending with an i) has fraudulently taken over my facebook account. My original Facebook account was opened years ago and it contains photos and friend contacts that I want to recover.

Although I attempted to set up a second Facebook page through my google e-mail, I have had no access to my Facebook account with friends. I have attempted to update my cell number (to no avail), have been given codes that do not work, and have repeated e-mails on my gmail account verifying this. I want my ORIGINAL Facebook account back at Behlen15@***.com. Now I essentially have a blank page.

I have been attempting to recover this account for nearly two weeks (to no avail). Please advise. I can read e-mails at my Behlen15@***.com account or behlenbecky@***l account. I would appreciate your assistance.

I would put in old passwords (as requested) and it would be blocked, codes were blocked too. Very, very frustrating.

User's recommendation: change passwords more freqeuntly.

Location: Naples, Maine

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