Upon receipt of the stamps and upon the examination of the product, the stamps were not the same in that one roll appeared just like you would receive from the post office,, BUT the other two had been opener and were held by elastic bands with the rolls being different sizes. when I examined the smallest roll, they literally fell off the rolls and in trying to put them back on, they wouldn't stick and more and more came off the roll.

Also, when the roll was unrolled, there were many places where the stamps should have been continuously run with all spaces filled. At this point I decided to return them and tried contacting the seller, no success. The phone number reached was some elderly lady's phone and was not the company's phone number. I tried 3-5 times and never did get anyone to call me back so we could discuss returning the product.

Never did speak with the seller. (Mr Eric Stevens) of Del Rey Beach, FL since they were purchased through Facebook, and I believe the sale was guaranteed by Facebook policy that they have with some sellers.

I have since registered a dispute with the credit card used to purchase the product. It is being reviewed by the credit card company.

Location: Old Farm, Tennessee

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