I have been constantly mailing to Facebook and getting in touch with support team to help on activation of my fb id's or else return my ad account money to me but none of them have even taken initiative in solving my issue. If the amount won't be big enough we wouldn't have been connecting to you again and again would request to value the time of our marketers as well and our invested money, it's hard earned.

Please check the case number 250008****80965,




I had 3 id's digitalpreetisharma@***.com, ps701****@***.com, adhyyan.prasher7@***.com all these id's had access to ad accounts no.

227545****93091 - pending balance left -Rs.1723.70,

190447****394185 - pending balance left - Rs.7344.27,

929070****70672 - pending balance left -Rs.1541.91,

890254****20888 - pending balance left - Rs.4999.99

456196****86814 - pending balance left - Rs.5962.54

208218****65289 - pending balance left - Rs.3798.82

179544****43799 - pending balance left - Rs.16140.29

453575****12690 - pending balance left - Rs.7921.26

890254****20888 - pending balance left - Rs.4999.99

All the aforementioned ad account has alot of balance I am only asking either for a return the amount in any coupon code or else please activate any of my 1 id so that i can share all the ad accounts on active id's and use the pending balance in the ad accounts. Requesting one hundred times again please do needful I only want my money to be used for my business.

Thanks and Regards,


Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

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