I wasn't recently removed from a group called cast iron cookware for sale run by Ross Fisher. If you look at the instant messages back and forth his group has a problem and it's not ADA Compliant Freedom vision impaired you special software to cut and paste information so my computer can read it.

Mr. Fisher told me it was your problem. Also he's kicked me out of his group told me I related some rule but he refuses to tell me what rule I violated yeah. He's discriminating against me as a disabled person and he refuses to give a good reason.

He also is spreading why two other members on Facebook slandering me and telling people he kicked me out of his group because I was instant messaging members as friends. They're the ones that contacted me wanting to be a friend.

He's trying to tell me that's not allowed. If someone decides to become friends on instant messenger there's no crime against that but are you accuse me of breaking that rule I guess but it's not in his rules and regulation please investigate him I think Facebook can find an easier way her people to contact.

User's recommendation: Facebook look to find a better way for people to communicate and contact them took me an hour to find a help area even send you a message and it's Taken 2 weeks. Also I should mention I got on one of those fraud sites and they were trying to charge me a dollar to fix my Facebook page I do believe someone tried to *** me.

Location: Liberty, Maine

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