Since 2014, we have established a social page belonging to our family

Two months ago, we were surprised by the appearance of a person and the creation of a page with the same name and the same logo

Where this person misleadingly changed the name of the enemy of the pages he owned and then merged several pages to create a fake page and this is clear through the transparency of the page.

Then he stole the page's name, logo and our publications in a copy-paste manner We look forward to your understanding that we own one page and that any posting on any other page is considered illegal as well, and it can have a negative impact on us by misleading and deceiving the public.

Therefore, we ask you to help close this page, as we have reported it collectively, but we do not know why it has not been removed yet

We look forward to your taking action to ensure that we have intellectual property, that our audience is not deceived, and that our name is not used in any illegal operations

Location: Beloeil, Wallonia

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