To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Chue Vang, and I want to report that someone has hacked to my facebook account, and I want you to please delete or recovery my account back. The person has created another account using my phone number 763333**** which I have no access either.

My old facebook name is Chue Vang with a photo of me and may two kids taken at MOA and that other person go by Doc Roc. This person changes the name to chue.vang.501 and email to c-------5@***.com and d----2@***.com.

PLEASE advise and take care to resolve this issue soon to delete and recovery my account back .

Any question, please send me update email to vanueg@***o. My facebook account association with vang0968@***.edu too.

Thank you so much and hope you hear from someone.


Chue Vang

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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