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My Facebook account was hacked yesterday. Someone was impersonating my cousin Torian Ellis for Messenger.

I recieved a message @ 0600 am from who I thought at this time was my cousin Torian. The message was stating " Hey I was wondering if you heard about the DHHS financial program" going on now. The scammers are tell ppl " I got $9800 from the program if you want I will send you a link for the program". So I said yes I am interested and they sent me a Profile name called James Clyborn told me to like his page and send him a message stating that im interested in the program.

Once I sent the message to this Profile. I was sent a link where you could chose the type of grant you are interested in, I chose small and large business grant from the list. Then they sent me some info to fill out. Like my full name, address, ph#, occupation, DOB, etc..

after that I was told that my package was being forwarded for approval for the grant. So once it was approved they told me I approved for $13, 900. Next I was instructed by them that I would have to pay a delivery charge. So they ask me to go to the bitcoin machine and make the transaction.

Before I made the transaction I thought to let me verify that this is really my cousin I am talking to, so I called him through messenger, they answered then immediately hung up.. So I text him through messenger stating I needed to speak to him, he said I will call you latera few mins later he says it is me no BS and sends me his Driver's License(so the scammer had a copy of my cousin real ID) I thought ok wow, it is my cousin, not realizing at the time it was a scammer. I go to the bitcoin machine and made up 5 transactions up $3000 total each time I was told it for different fees. The first fee was a delivery fee of $1000, then an ATM charge $700, the 2nd fee was a clearance fee of $1300 saying that my check cannot be cashed without a clearance.

Each transaction I made I was being instructed step by step how to make these transaction and the scammers (though I didn't realize it at the time) instructed me to take photos of every single step then forward the photo to them.

One transaction on the bitcoin machine asked for my SSN and Driver's License info that how my info was compromised. After the 5th transaction it dawns on me that I was scammed.

User's recommendation: Please be careful and never make transactions if you feel its questionable. Make a way to really verify who some is and be sure it is them before any transaction especially if you think its family.. Make sure if you are dealing with any official matters you are using the correct official site. There are many scammer and perpetrators pls be careful. This is a totally embrassment I was totally caught off guard and didnt realize until too late it was all a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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