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Someone hacked my father's profile on Facebook (Anton Atanasov), using an unfunctional email which the profile was initially registered with - the email is***.bg . After hacking his profile, the profile name was changed to Brigitte Agie and the profile photo and cover were changed.

None of the reports of my friends were accepted because "the profile does not pose a danger to other people or was not harmful to the community". But I do not agree - this action is harmful for my family - my dad is frustrated, disappointed and concerned about his privacy. He is constantly wondering who might have hacked his profile and is accusing even his colleagues. But I know he is not the only one who has this profile.

A lot of my friends say there are "hackers" hacking profiles for all sort of frauds even related to money frauds.. My opinion is that Facebook is not a place for FAKE profiles because they can be EXTREMELY HARMFUL ! We talk about stealing an identity, creating more fake profiles in other websites, selling stuff like "sex videos" on Fansly and so on... Also people are pretending to be someone else and are kidnapping people, even killing them..

I don't want to get too deep in this - I created a new profile for my Dad..

I can also provide real documents in proof that this is him.. I just want this profile to be removed for his sanity and his good mental health - I already lost my mom, I want to spend good time with my Dad and not to see him worried.

User's recommendation: The profile of Brigitte Agie to be removed from Facebook, or to be returned to my father - the real owner of the account.

Preferred solution: A profile to be removed.

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